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Blessed be the ink


"I’ve been over this part before, so bear with me while I hit the Cliff Notes version: Superman’s greatest power isn’t that he can throw cars around or fly or shoot lasers out of his eyes, even though that’s pretty awesome. It’s that he always, always uses those abilities to help others because that’s the right thing to do, and in doing so, he inspires us to use our abilities to do the same thing. He’s an inspirational figure, but the key factor there is that it’s a choice, both for him and for us. Superman could very easily make himself king of the world and impose his morality on everyone and just straight up stop us from killing each other — because again, that dude has laser eyes — but he doesn’t. He protects people from harm and stops the things that would hurt them, but at the end of the day, he’s just there to keep us safe. What we do with that safety is up to us, and he trusts that more often than not, we’ll make the right choices.”

- Chris Sims.

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Chris Sims GETS IT.